Pricing Details

We are committed to providing you a competitive offer and a simpler selling experience.

Selling to PrimeOffer
PrimeOffer offer $125,000
Service Fee $0
Seller concessions $0
Repairs requested by PrimeOffer $0
Overlap ownership costs $0
Net cash to seller $125,000
Traditional Offer
Sales Price $125,000
6% agent commissions $7,500
2% seller concessions $2,500
Market-ready improvements TBD
Overlap ownership costs (1%) $1,250
Net cash to seller $113,750

Commonly asked pricing questions

Your home will be assessed thoroughly by a team of real estate experts who specialize in your particular market. Using their knowledge, combined with PrimeOffer’s evaluation and predictive market analysis technologies, PrimeOffer will be able to provide our customers with data-driven and competitive offers

No. All of PrimeOffer’s offers are 100% cash. This means that whatever we offer goes directly into the homeowner’s pocket, minus any debts that are owed on the house. There are no realtor commissions to be paid because we don’t use a realtor when purchasing homes. PrimeOffer will also cover all closing costs.

The home values found on sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia are determined by the site’s individual computer-generated algorithms. Those home values are limited by the data supplied to them by public record and only look at the market’s history and not the future market. While our offer is not meant to be an appraisal of any kind, it is a real and actionable offer based on careful analysis by our team of real estate experts.